Dexter and Sugar


I’ve had cats most of my life. I love them. My most recent cat, Dexter, I got at the end of 2016. He is a sweet, fluffy cat with the most saintly and tolerant disposition I’ve ever seen in a feline. I had Dexter ready to bring with me to Egypt, but he ran away right before my flight. Fortunately my friends found him, and I thought nothing to buy another ticket only two days after my arrival here to go back and get him within a 36 hour period.

Dexter has been living with me here until recently. Before this summer, I had my own apartment in 6 October City where he lived like a regular house cat. At the end of June the lease ended, and a new apartment could not be found at the time. So Dexter came with me when I moved in here with my mother-in-law. But she, like most Egyptians, can’t stand cats, and even though we kept him on the balcony outside my room she insisted we find a new place for him.

Fortunately the neighbors downstairs had an older teen son who was willing to look after him in his room as long as I paid for Dexter’s food. So for most of the summer that’s where he lived, and my daughter often went down to visit him (she’s arguably the only person who loved Dexter more than I did). However, that young man was not able to keep his commitment due to school starting, and his mother (who also hates cats) was complaining of the upkeep. My husband said the only solution is to take Dexter to a pet store and hope a nice family buys him, get their number, and maybe they would be willing to return him once we get our own place. So right now Dexter is still living in a pet store, but I hold out hope that we can get our apartment before he is sold and he can be home with me again. I miss him so much and really I’ve felt very bitter about the way things have had to transpire with him after all the trouble I took to bring him here.

My very first cat was named Sugar. I found Sugar as an abandoned kitten when I first moved to Big Bear in 1984. I was 8 years old at the time. Sugar was my companion all through childhood, and even was still around when I left for college. My grandmother continued to take care of Sugar after I moved away. When my grandmother passed away in 2002, Sugar was given to the care of my cousin, but couldn’t have lived more than a year or so beyond that. She was close to 20 by then.

When I came home from the café tonight, outside my mother-in-law’s door was an older kitten who looked just like Sugar. I pet her (something most feral cats around here won’t allow), and she was so friendly. I felt like Allah allowed that kitten, which I am calling Sucry for now, to be here as a comfort for me in Dexter’s absence. So at least for as long as Sucry hangs out, I will give her some affection and milk.


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