Unsettled Egypt


My husband told me about a line he remembered reading in an old arab poem about Egypt where it was written to say something like “Egypt, the land of everything and its opposite”. What that means is, Egypt is a bit inconsistent and dichotomous; and hence, chaotic.

And so it is and will be with my life here. We left the 10 day rented apartment….but….still have not been able to start moving into ours. There are issues.

Here in Egypt many apartments in a building share a main drain pipe for waste. In fact, in the last apartment I just came out of, I remember when I would go make wudu in my bathroom as soon as salat time came in, and I would hear the echo of draining water in my own floor drain. It was coming from the water of others making wudu in their own apartments.

So why do I mention this? Our apartment is on the first floor. The apartments above it share the drain with us. One of the families was pushing things (of whatever sort I don’t know- and don’t want to know) into it to jam it. What ended up happening is the backup would flow into our apartment (this was when it was uninhabited). This created a mess. The mess drew fleas.

Alhamdulillah, the drain in that apartment that connects to the main shared one has been plugged. Fortunately there is a second bathroom we can use with its own drainage system completely separate. But the residue and flea infestation now needs to be cleared out. In the mean time, I am back with mom/dad in law, eating well 🙂

The good news is, we got our kitchen appliances:


The washing machine, in the middle, is called a “two cycle” model. You put the clothes in one side to wash, and then when that finishes you load them in the other side to rinse and spin. This was a more affordable option than the “single” cycle model that is used in the US.

In the back you can see the cute water heater (with a face, I like to think). I really appreciate that they don’t use the tank versions here. This saves a lot of space and money. To be honest, all of these appliances- purchased brand new- cost less than $650 USD. You can’t beat that!


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