10 Day Time Bomb


Sometimes some of us are given a situation in life that forces us to take a hard look at ourselves, and reluctantly admit that we are not the person we thought we were or had hoped to be. I am at that place.

The past 10 days have been like the rapid-fire sequence of bombs detonating inside my mind and heart. Sure, it may have all began with what I referenced in my last post about my ex husband wanting to remarry, but it recently culminated with his nikkah yesterday. In between those two crazy-making revelations I endured a severe illness which left me completely weak in my body and mind. Ironically, the ex who was causing the great heartache with his choices was also the only person helping me while I was sick, so in the end my emotions and thought processes were left severely short circuited and unreliable.

I admit, finding out there was someone else out there who cared about him, and who he cared about, made me jealous. I would try to salve myself in various ways, but the bottom line is still the same: they are happy with one another. They are happy because they found love and are no longer alone, and I am unhappy because I am alone and don’t foresee any love life in my future. I resented them both for it, and that showed me how pathetic I really am when it all gets boiled down.

It’s been years since I’ve felt jealous of anyone, so I was really caught off guard by how strong it can be, and how compelling. Jealousy wants to tear down the happiness of others, or somehow inject itself in where it doesn’t belong to feed off of what it can’t destroy like a parasite. Jealousy isn’t even satisfied if you give it what it wants, because it has to give up what it has now just to take it….and jealousy never wants to let anything go.

I went through all those reactions about my ex; not just once but multiple times. In fact, I can still feel the burn inside my nafs from where it is still smoldering, like the underground coal fire in Pennsylvania. It feels at times completely out of control, where my emotions have raised a coup with their drive to have my ex husband back for myself…for him to belong to no one else. Yet I know that chasing that idea down would make 3 people miserable in the end, and perhaps two of them (though it’s hard to admit) deserve the chance to find a renewal of happiness with one another. I was wronged by my ex in various ways, but perhaps Allah will be merciful and keep them from wronging each other.

It is a very difficult thing to accept, to move forward from, when I believe as I do that I won’t get any such redemptive chances (in the context of another relationship). All I have is a hard look at how low I can really go when life gets that real. I can only hope that the illness I went through -as severe as it was- served as some sort of expiation to offset the ugliness I’m seeing in myself.


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  1. I am sorry to hear that you have been sick too while going through all these struggles. I did notice your absence but thought, may be you need some time alone away from everyone. It’s hard to predict sister how their (your ex and his current wife) going to be in future and I can sincerely say from how much I know that he will probably not find someone better than you and it’s his loss. Also, we are all jealous about one thing or another, so it’s an everyday struggle and we have to keep our nafs in check to make sure that it doesn’t take us astray. Take your time and speak to any of us if you need to share something; you mean a lot to me as a sister in faith and humanity.

    All in all, remember Allah (swt) sees all and he knows what’s best for their servants.

    Stay blessed and take care of yourself because it’s sunnah.

    • You’re almost too perceptive. As it stands, I’m still working through a lot, but in Shaa Allah the greater pain will bring greater mercy.

  2. It’s hard when someone says to keep your head up when things seem worse than what you thought they were going to be. I understand the jealousy. Sometimes people do that on purpose. They try to get that reaction out of you. They want to punish you for not putting up with them. And so women will go back in these situations many times because of this. I think the best action would be to occupy your time with something new and exciting to get your mind off of what he is doing. And then we he sees you being happy and not worrying about what he is up to, the possession of jealousy will turn to him and he may realize what he lost. I need to read on to see what happens next since I’m behind already.

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