Bright Skies


Today, while writing this (and, consequently, working from home for a few hours), I am watching the sun play off the leaves of the tree outside my bedroom window. The light is being tossed around my room and onto my bedsheets.  Today is a very lovely day!


And how fitting that it should be.  After a super busy week, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to just indulge THE ease.  Yes, we are now having somewhat of a time of ease…finally! Just a couple days ago we were told we got approved for our home loan.  Nothing short of incredible. May Allah be praised forever!


So, today is going to be house-shopping day.  Granted, there are still some challenges that will lie ahead as we move toward getting the keys to our own place, but I really believe Allah would not have brought us this far, through so much honest to goodness CRAP, just to have it fall apart on technicalities. We’ve worked hard for this. We’ve suffered for this. We’ve done our darndest to have sabr through one of the worst tests of our lives.  So we are going to enjoy this moment for all it’s worth.


And what better way to celebrate than to try to add to our family? Yes, this weekend is fertile time for me.  Let’s hope, insha’Allah, that we will see progress in that area soon as well.


So for all the mornings I’ve awoken feeling hopeless, all the weekends I spent trying to find just an ounce of strength to press on, for all the gloomy skies I gazed at through this very bedroom window,  I am most certainly going to languish in the sun-speckled colors brightening my day. I am excited to touch, see, and smell what can potentially be our future by year’s end.

I am awake. I am smiling. I am thanking Allah for the satisfaction of His decree.


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